Simple CPU Emulator Home

This project is my attempt to both visualize emulator functionality and analyze the hows and whys of a CPU blackbox. I started off with code for an Intel 8080 emulator for a Space Invaders Arcade ROM from for which I had to actualize the QT Frontend to make it work on my machine. I am using the multi-platform framework Trolltech QT for the GUI design, which is able to compile on both Windows and Linux machines.

I want to take up the "didactic" part of A. Scotti's SIDE and both add a Live Debug System to the functionality of the presentation part in QT, as well as provide a complete documentation of both the Intel 8080 Opcodes and binary arithmetics. Later I plan to integrate a C64 Emulator into the project and / or actually make an i386 debugger out of the program.

Most important for me at the moment is to visualize the emulator's functionality. The documentation is growing either, as follows: After a basic summary of binary maths I will start documenting the Intel 8080 opcodes from A. Scotti's source code, which leaves me many precious hints, not only about the flag registers.

(GPL Copyleft) Martti Kühne, 22.8.2008